Filler for watery and viscous products

We construct and produce bottling- and dosing-units for watery and viscous products, not only standard- but also customer-specific-constructions.
The constructions of our modules differ in three ways. Firstly, concerning the used fill-technique:
• Volume-filler with vertical or horizontal rotating-slide-filler
• Piston-filler
• Diaphragm-filler

Secondly, concerning the valve-gear:
• Pneumatic
• Mechanical control-turn
• Servo motor with SPS-controller

Thirdly, concerning the power of automation of the cleansing-process:
• Manual
• Semi automatic

These modules are suitable for the bottling of the following watery and viscous products:
• Milk
• Yoghurt
• Pudding-desserts
• Curds
• Creams
• Cream cheese
• Sauces
• Salad dressings
• Sausage-pastes
• Chocolate creams
• Marmalade