Caulking Technique

We deliver standard caulkings, installation-specific caulkings and special caulkings with the possibility of short-dated delivery out of the current production.

Besides that there is the possibility of the mechanical production of caulking-components, which are deliverable out of a versatility of raw materials, also in oversized- and single-productions.

The caulkings are tuned to constancy, abrasion-stability up against abrasive products and cleansing (CIP), whereby we set a high value on the optimum construction, concerning the standing-time of the caulking and the machine-structural-members.

Our caulkings are in use in the food-supply-industry, unhesitatingly.

• Caulking-profile:
• Scraper
• Guiding- and bearing component
• Damper caulking
• Piston caulking
• Revolve caulking
• Static caulking
• O-rings
• X-rings
• Support rings
• Laboratory- and test taking
• Other caulkings (fold-bellows, diaphragms and so forth)