Hire-Purchase Systems

Our system offers you the following advantages:

  • Conservation of your liquidity
    You do not need to invest in complete sealing heads or individual parts.
  • Clear and transparent calculation basis
    Through periodic payments fixed in the amount.
  • Reduction of warehousing costs
    You do not need to stock individual parts such as heating, sensor, sealing plate, counter plate, etc.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
    We replace the sealing heads every 6 months and you receive a pre-tested and functional replacement. Up to 3 hours of maintenance work on the respective machine are included free of charge. No travel costs will be charged for further service work on the system.
  • Reduction of production downtime
    Each sealing head is cleaned in our factory and checked for functionality. Defective parts are replaced by new ones. Heaters and sensors are used for a maximum of 3000 operating hours. You receive 2 complete sealing heads per format for your warehouse to ensure production reliability.
  • Reduction of administrative costs
    No effort in purchasing or managing the individual parts in your company.
  • Uniform sealing heads
    The sealing heads are converted free of charge to a uniform system for all your filling machines.
  • Free sealing head Format change
    The sealing heads are exchanged free of charge and converted to the new format. No change is made to the hire purchase system.
  • 6 months cover letter
    The sealing heads are replaced free of charge within 48 hours in the event of failure. In case of emergency we guarantee delivery within 8 hours. This service is included once every 6 months.

We offer this complete service for an 8-lane 95 machine for 890,00 € per month for example.